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The MamiGut Story

In the beginning there was nausea...

I am a mother of two children myself and suffered a lot from morning sickness in the first few months of my pregnancy. I've had trouble eating a balanced diet and have lived almost entirely on dry biscuits. But now that I had a little worm in my tummy, I was worried about not getting enough healthy food. So I decided on a prenatal vitamin supplement from the pharmacy. But that meant that I had to swallow several, sometimes very large, tablets and capsules at the same time — that was very difficult for me and caused even more nausea.

As a naturally curious person, I started looking for alternatives. I knew protein shakes from the gym and wondered if there wasn't a shake instead of the "pills" that contained all the important vitamins and minerals and at the same time tasted very good. But I couldn't find anything comparable anywhere in Europe.

So I decided to simply develop a product for women myself, which on the one hand supports a balanced diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding in a sensible and pleasant way. On the other hand, I wanted to create a product that would give pregnant women and young mothers a reason to take a short break. With the MamiGut Shake, mums can treat themselves. You will be encouraged with a delicious shake to take the time, pause and do something for yourself - despite a stressful everyday life.


Hi, it's me, Vanessa

Vanessa is a passionate optimist and lives according to the motto: "We can do it!" As a doctor of economics, she has many years of experience in strategic corporate orientation. She is the mother of two children and therefore a professional when it comes to efficient time management. Not only baking, but the basic topic of nutrition and food have always been her great hobby and have now become her dream job.

Vanessa's mission:

To do something GOOD for (future) mothers. As a mother, the focus is fully on the baby and so mum often forgets herself. MamiGut aims to change that and give mums the "ME moment": a moment of calm and enjoyment - while feeling well cared for and cared for.