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<tc>Vitamin & protein shakes for mums</tc>

Shakes recommended by gynecologists for the phases Baby Planning, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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Known from

"Ideal for anyone who doesn't want to swallow pills while pregnant or breastfeeding"

"MamiGut accompanies you from baby planning to breastfeeding"

"Contains everything you need while breastfeeding. Free from artificial flavorings."

"Recommended by gynecologists and midwives"

"Impressive growth story"

"Delicious, high quality and unique"

"With the daily pregnancy shake from MamiGut you can optimize your nutrition and that of your baby"

MamiLab was founded by Dr. Vanessa van den Boom, PhD in Economics and mother of two

MamiGut - is good for mums!

The vitamin and protein shake for mums

Your vitamins for the phases Baby Planning, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding now as a shake! MamiGut is recommended by gynecologists and midwives as an ideal alternative to tablets that feel heavy in the stomach after taking them. Delicious. Healthy. Beneficial.

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MamiGut accompanies you from baby planning to breastfeeding.

Phase 2 - Pregnancy

Sufficient supply of folic acid, iodine and iron is difficult to achieve during pregnancy with a balanced diet and food supplements are necessary - MamiGut contains 19 selected vitamins and minerals and thus supports a balanced diet during pregnancy.

Phase 3 - Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers should eat a varied, balanced and regular diet. Nutritious foods and additional vitamins and minerals are important, after all, the breastfed baby also eats - MamiGut contains 18 selected vitamins and minerals (including folic acid, fenugreek seeds and brewer's yeast) and supports a balanced diet during the breastfeeding period.


Tailored to each phase


15g whey protein per serving


certified recipe

<tc>No more pills!</tc>

MamiGut provides you with all the vitamins, minerals and proteins you need when you are baby planning, are pregnant or are breastfeeding.
Our products were developed together with gynecologists and pharmacists.

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The ideal addition to everyday life

Mix it - creativity tastes good

There are no limits to your creativity! MamiGut can be easily integrated into your everyday life and combined with your well-known recipes. MamiGut not only tastes good with water and milk, but also in your muesli, with porridge, in a smoothie, oats or much more.

Discover our recipe ideas or share your creativity with the community.

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MamiGut Expert Advice

The experts support and advise MamiGut - for the highest quality
based on the latest scientific research findings.

Dr. Christina Demers is a gynecologist at the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. After studying medicine in Freiburg, she completed specialist training in the field of gynecology and obstetrics and has now been working as a senior physician for ten years. She is the mother of two little boys and lives with her family in Frankfurt.

DR. Christina DEMERS Gynecologist

Monika Friedman is a certified baby planning coach, health and life coach with training in the UK and Canada.
She also offers yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques in the area of ​​fertility, pregnancy and postnatal (incl. for babies).

Monika FRIEDMAN Baby Planning Coach

Prof. Dr. Tilo Hühn is a trained winemaker, studied oenology, microbiology, organizational psychology, disruptive technologies and digital business and is a lecturer in the food technology course and head of the Center for Food Composition and Process Design (ZLK) at the ZAHW in Zurich.

PROF. DR. Tilo HÜHN Food Technologist

Useful Information

<tc>What's in it?</tc>

Learn more about the composition of the unique MamiGut vitamin and protein shakes made in Germany.


<tc>Recipe suggestions</tc>

Discover MamiGut shakes through various combination options. Our recipe suggestions add variety to your everyday life.



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<tc>In the beginning there was nausea</tc>

I am a mother of two children myself and suffered a great deal from morning sickness during the first few months of my pregnancies. I had trouble eating a balanced diet and lived almost entirely on dry biscuits...

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