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Conditions of Participation

Action conditions MamiGut 4-week test campaign

By participating in the MamiGut® 4-week test campaign, you agree to these campaign conditions. As part of the campaign, changes in your personal well-being will be recorded in two short questionnaires. The test campaign ends on May 31, 2021 (Last registration until April 18, 2021 11:59:59 p.m. After successful registration by April 18, 2021, a login to the 4-week test campaign is still possible until May 31, 2021 to complete the test campaign) . A new registration is no longer possible from April 19th, 2021.

Eligible to participate in the MamiGut® 4-week test campaign are pregnant and breastfeeding women aged 18 and over residing in Germany .

The participants agree to report at least once on their Instagram account about the course and results of the test campaign. MamiGut® reserves the right to share stories from the participants related to the campaign and to use them for their own marketing purposes.
MamiLab AG reserves the right to exclude persons from participation who are suspected of using unauthorized aids or attempting in any other way to gain advantages for themselves or third parties through manipulation.

The personal data stored for the campaign will only be used to process the campaign, unless you have given us your express consent to use the data for marketing purposes. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties.

Starter Set

After successful confirmation of participation in the campaign, you will receive a free starter set consisting of two 480g packs of MamiGut® of your choice. The following MamiGut® varieties are offered: MamiGut® Pregnancy vanilla, MamiGut® Pregnancy chocolate, MamiGut® Lactation vanilla, MamiGut ® Lactation chocolate. A cash payment is not possible.

Surprise Package

After completing the MamiGut® 4-week test campaign (i.e. upon completion of the second status test), the user will receive a surprise package as a thank you for participating. The package will be sent to the address stored in the profile of the 4-week test campaign. The MamiGut® 4-week test campaign is considered complete when both questionnaires have been completed. Questionnaires will be sent to the email address provided on day 14 and day 28. Questionnaires can be completed up to 2 weeks after the end of the test campaign. The promotional period ends on May 31, 2021.

MamiGut Profile

A MamiGut® profile will be created for you when you register for the 4-week test campaign. With this profile you can take part in further activities of MamiGut® .

The profile can only be deleted manually by email. Please contact:

Transfer of rights to contributions/photos, property rights of third parties

By posting/publishing your posts/photos in connection with the MamiGut® test campaign on Instagram and sending the completed questionnaires, you grant MamiLab AG the simple, free, irrevocable , unrestricted right in terms of time and content to use and distribute the content on the Internet.

By participating in the MamiGut® 4-week test campaign, you agree to receiving emails as part of the MamiGut® 4-week test campaign receive. This includes weekly informational emails as well as confirmation emails as part of the promotion.If the test campaign is canceled before the end of the 28 days, you will not receive any further e-mails

Cancel action

The 4-week test campaign can be canceled by deleting your profile. Simply write an e-mail to: